First 1000 Days Australia Partners’ Program

To become a member of the Partners’ Program, organisations and individuals will be required to embed First 1000 Days Australia values into their everyday practices and services. These values are contained in our Charter of the rights of children yet to be conceived and also in Our men our shield, along with other values discussed during our training programs. For example, early learning or childcare centres can provide infants and young children with safe, supportive and stimulating environments, whilst doubling as a referral agency which can bring families closer to meeting their goals and aspirations. 

There are two types of partners – the first partnership type is for corporates and individuals, funders and other agencies interested in becoming an Associate Partner – to support the momentum behind the First 1000 Days Australia movement. The second form of partnership program is on offer for First 1000 Days Australia Implementation Partners.

Becoming an Associate Partner

Three partnership packages provide an opportunity for Associate Partners to choose their level of commitment to First 1000 Days Australia and in turn, increase the benefits of their association with us. Partners support our team by funding community initiatives and cultural events, providing scholarships for community people to attend courses, creating resources, facilitating cultural knowledge exchange and developing research literacy strategies in communities. If you want to know more about the partnership packages, please contact us here.

Becoming a Regional Implementation Partner

The process of implementation at regional sites is achieved through a partnership with First 1000 Days Australia. It is a staged process involving professional development, co-design of a regional strategic plan, developing a business case and training a First 1000 Days Australia workforce. If you or your organisation wish to implement First 1000 Days Australia strategies, we would like to hear from you.

Close collaborations with our partners will ensure that First 1000 Days Australia activities catalyse improvements in policy, practice, family empowerment, business and whole of-government services.

Regional implementation of First 1000 Days Australia work is a staged process that starts with a half-day Introductory workshop followed by a two-day short course. There is also the option of a third day, which brings short course participants back together to co-produce a regional plan. This evidence-to-practice focused training can be delivered, by invitation, to full-fee paying participants within regions; minimum numbers per region apply.


Subscribers to the First 1000 Days Australia Partners’ Program can access:

  • on-going professional development and mentoring

  • assessments of performance by agencies against criteria

  • case studies and presentations, media, graphic design and speaking engagement support

  • regional report writing and data capture support

  • on-site visits and meetings

  • access to our suite of activities and newsletters, and reduced prices for summits and other events.

Email us for information on the First 1000 Days Australia Partners’ Program